LeBron James now has his Championship Title

LeBron James is now a NBA Champion.

The big three, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder last night in game 5 of the NBA finals.

James, who was also named MVP of the series, capped off his night with a triple-double as he hoisted the trophy and beamed from ear to ear. “You know, my dream has become a reality now, and it’s the best feeling I ever had,” James said after the game.

“I’m happy now that eight years later, nine years later since I’ve been drafted, that I can finally say that I’m a champion, and I did it the right way,” James said. “I didn’t shortcut anything. You know, I put a lot of hard work and dedication in it, and hard work pays off. It’s a great moment for myself.”

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