Leaked VIDEOS Turn Michael Jackson’s Kids Into Web Stars

The once sheltered children of the late Michael Jackson have become Internet sensations after homemade webcam videos of Michael’s two youngest children horsing around with a cousin were leaked to YouTube. The videos of Paris and Blanket Jackson, ages 8 and 12, that ended up on the Internet this week have come to the attention of the late icon’s father Joseph. And never one to mince words — he is not happy.

“We don’t know who [the hacker] was, but we’re trying to find out,” the furious grandpa told PopEater.com on Thursday. Citing Michael’s eternal wish that his children be kept out of the spotligh, he says the family “doesn’t want the videos on YouTube” and completely rules out any chance that Paris and Blanket uploaded them. The account owner of French-language fansite KingofPop-Kids.com, which posted many of the clips, said Jackson fans were responsible for hacking into family web accounts.

CNN said the videos were on the Internet for two weeks in April before older members of the Jackson family realized and had them removed, by that time however, other YouTuber had already made copies and have republished them — subsequently hundreds of thousands of views.

The bulk of the videos feature 8-year-old Blanket acting out movie scenes, telling imaginative tales — but two feature his sister Paris, 12. One video is of her simply saying, “Monkey, please help,” while the other shows Paris lip-synching over a rap song composed by her godbrother Omer Bhatti.

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