Lauren Conrad Says “No White Limos;” Lauren Conrad Refuses White Limo At Chicago Charity Event

Lauren Conrad and her paid mouthpiece behaved like a pair of divas at Holiday for Hope Fundraiser in Chicago over the weekend. Celebrity mole Ted Casablanca reports that The Hills star refused to enter a fourteen-passenger 2007 BMW X5 stretch job stuffed with toys to sent to deliver her to the toy drive. So what was keeping Lauren? She believes white limos are “bad for her image.” Ummm….ok.

“We bought a bunch of toys and spent hundreds of dollars so that the limo could pull up with Lauren and be full of toys for the cause,” an onsite spy tells Ted.

But then Lauren and her publicist got word that the car sent was…white. Quelle horreur!
Apparently L.C.’s publicist barked, all bad mood ‘n’ all, “It’s bad for your image to be seen in a white limo.”

Lauren actually refused to get into the waiting limo because it was, indeed, white. Twenty minutes before the departure time, a text message was sent to the company canceling the limo altogether. “Lauren is freaking out because she doesn’t want a white limo,” it read. “Sorry.”

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