Lindsay Lohan Hires Britney Spears’ Former Manager Larry Rudolph

Lindsay Lohan has hired the former manager of frenemy Britney Spears in a last ditch effort to salvage what’s left of her once thriving career.

Larry Rudolph — who was credited with turning Britney Spears back into pop music’s Golden Girl following her divorce and mental breakdown three years ago — is now employed by the Machete actress, who hopes Rudolph can work his magic and save her career following a recent stint in jail and rehab for violating the conditions of probation from a 2007 conviction for driving under the influence.

“She’s telling everyone she is more than ready for work and people should hire her and hire her now,” a close confidante of the troubled starlet squealed, dishing the deets of Lohan’s deal with Rudolph in Friday’s edition of The New York Post.

But Larry isn’t ready to put LiLo to work just yet.

“She’s on lockdown,” the source added.

In an interview with the October issue of Vanity Fair, on newsstands now, Lindsay confessed that the way she used to idolize other celebrities, particularly Britney, was “really scary and sad.”

“So many people around me would say they cared for the wrong reasons. A lot of people were pulling from me, taking from me and not giving. I had a lot of people that were there for me for, you know, the party. I would look up to those girls … the Britneys and whatever. And I would be like, I want to be like that.”

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