Larry Rudolph Britney Spears Diet: Larry Rudolph Orders Britney Spears Diet

Hollywood manager Larry Rudolph has ordered one-time teen protege Britney Spears to drop twenty pounds and regain her once stunning looks. Larry has insisted that Britney begin a wellness regime including a daily regime of exercise before he will help her resume her career.

Larry feels that Britney needs to lose twenty pounds and tone up, The National Enquirer reports.

“Larry doesn’t want her to be a joke when he restarts her career-and he wants her to look sexier than ever.”

As part of her deal with Larry, Britney has adopted a diet of six small organic meals a day, regular facials, and of course her well-documented weekly trips to Bally’s.

“Larry told her this is her last chance at a comeback-and if she wants it, she must fight for it,” an Enquirer insider says.

The pop tart is even working out with a personal trainer-three times a day, five days a week.

“Britney is complying so far.”

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