Either Larry King’s eyes aren’t what they used to be or the King of CNN Late Night needs to upgrade his signature glasses!

The 75-year-old host of Larry King Live was enjoying lunch at Nate n’ Ali’s Deli in Los Angeles earlier this month when he mistook No Doubt frontwoman Gwen Stefani for pint-sized powerhouse Christina Aguilera.

Maybe the red lipstick threw him off?

Gwen had dropped by to pick up an order of four corned beef sandwiches to go when Larry — who released a new memoir last week– approached her, told her his son was a very big fan and asked for an autograph.

“Gwen happily signed her name on a napkin promising the TV talker she’d send his boy a photo in the mail,” according to the June 1 issue of The Globe. “But when she went to hand it over, Larry looked puzzled before finally admitting, ‘I thought you were Christina Aguilera.'”

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