Larry Birkhead To Marry Current Girlfriend

Tattles at The National Enquirer are dishing that baby beauty Dannielynn Hope will soon be getting a new stepmom. Reported homosexual Larry Birkhead is reportedly scheduled to marry his science teacher GF Dana Lynn.

She’s a beautiful, brainy blonde who could become the new mom to Anna Nicole Smith’s baby daughter Dannielynn. Science teacher Dana Lynn Walker is the secret girlfriend of Larry Birkhead- and friends believe they are planning to marry, the ENQUIRER had learned exclusively. The couple celebrated Father’s Day together at Anna Nicole’s former home in Los Angeles- while Dana took her first gentle steps to getting to know 9-month-old Dannielynn. “Dana and Larry are in love- and she would love to become mommy to Dannielynn and help raise her,” a source told The ENQUIERE. “It’s the best thing that could happen to Dannielynn. Dana is very down to earth and loves kids- and that’s a big plus as far as Larry is concerned.”

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