Larry Birkhead Is Dannielynn’s Daddy

Celebrity tattles she shouted the news that Larry Birkhead (the blonde photographer) fathered Anna Nicole Smith’s infant crotchfruit-that means spooky lawyer man Howard K. Stern won’t be getting custody of the real-life Million Dollar Baby-and he doesn’t want to.

The first thing Larry said was “I told you so.”

Howard K. Stern said, “I am not going to fight Larry for custody.”

“I am obviously very disappointed….I am not going to fight Larry Birkhead for custody,” says Howard K. Stern. He added “I will do evereything I can to make sure he gets sole custody.”

Virgie Arthur said, “All I care about and all I ever cared about was the safety of Dannielynn.” Arthur also proclaimed she “looks forward to working” with Larry. Her lawyer said it’s in Dannielynn’s best interest in maintaining a relationship with Dannielynn. Her attorney suggested that Arthur would seek dual guardianship with Birkhead.

Howard & Larry hugged after Howard spoke.

Larry cannot legally take her out of the Bahamas, until the custody issue is resolved. Virgie is expected to launch her own custody battle.

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