Lana Del Rey Gets ‘High By The Beach’ In New Music Video [WATCH]


Lana Del Rey dropped the video for her new single “High By The Beach” today, and it’s full of Lana’s signature aesthetic — with a hip hop flair.

The song itself is catchy and yet dreamlike, with the chorus repeating “All I wanna do is get high by the beach, get high baby, baby, bye-bye.” She moves slowly around a villa on the shore, her blue sundress and silk robe flowing like wings around her.

Fans and even casual listeners of Lana’s music will recognize the same themes of unrequited love, love gone sour, and a complex relationship with money that runs throughout Lana’s oeuvre. The charm of this video is the frankness with which we see Lana interacting with her surroundings, even pausing once to free her flowy robe from snagging on a staircase.

In ethereal tones, Lana makes words like “bad mother*cker” and “bullish*t” sound like they’re uttered by sparrows. And in the final scene of the lush video, she carries a guitar case into her villa from the rocky beach, opens it to reveal a shiny, humongous gun and shoots a helicopter into smithereens with one determined shot. Perhaps a metaphor for her music’s power against a love gone bad?

It’s a simple song with a beautiful video, but it’s full of raw energy and layered sound that forms the core of Lana’s style. This is the second single from Lana Del Rey’s third album Honeymoon, and comes only 14 months after she released 2014’s Ultraviolence in June.

Clearly, Lana isn’t slowing down her iconic career.

Lisa Lo Paro
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