Lady Gaga Owes Former Bassist Money Too


Now Lady Gaga’s ex-bassist claims she owes him money. Less than a week after being sued by her former boyfriend and producer for $30 million in unpaid royalties, “Poker Face” singer Lady Gaga has now been accused by her ex-bassist of not paying him royalties.

Tommy Kafafian claims that he has yet to receive one red cent for his work with the Grammy winner, who he worked with nearly four years ago. The musician penned “Disco Heaven,” a bonus track on her Grammy-winning debut album, The Fame. Kafafian, who claims to have helped Gaga hone her signature dance sound, said he plans to focus on writing his own songs, rather than taking legal action to make the star pay up.

“I don’t wanna sue anybody. It’s really not my style,” Kafafian told The Newark Star-Ledger Monday. “I’m just gonna keep moving forward until Lady Gaga can’t walk down the street without seeing my face or hearing my music,” he added.


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