Lady Gaga Upstages Kid Sis At High School Graduation

Never one to blend in with the crowd, all eyes were on Lady Gaga at her 18-year-old sister’s graduation from the Convent of the Sacred Heart in Manhattan on Tuesday.

On a high school coolness scale of one to ten, having Lady Gaga as your big sis would have to be an eleven, so we doubt Natali Germanotta was complaining much when her superstar sister came along to her high school graduation ceremony rocking those crazy threads she loves so much.

Wearing a black veil, sheer lace bodysuit and those crazy hoof shoes she’s so fond of, Gaga showed her support for her little sis on her big day before being whisked away by a chauffeur.

Natali, who had a cameo role as a prisoner in Gaga’s “Telephone,” has been taking lessons with a top NYC vocal coach – paid for by Gaga, of course.

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