Lady Gaga Fires Choreographer Laurieann Gibson

Lady Gaga has ended her professional relationship with her creative director, Laurieann Gibson, reported on Monday.

That’s Hollywood speak for: “Bitch Got Fired!”

Word on the Curb is the two had a “bitter fight” after Gibson’s ego got the best of the choreographer-turned-reality star. Insiders point to several comments made in the press recently, one in which Gibson credits Madonna for inspiring Gaga’s ever-evolving style — a comparison Gaga has tried to distance herself from. The two had been working together since Gaga was first signed to Interscope Records in 2008. Gibson contributed ideas and choreography to several of Gaga’s videos, starting “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich.” But as time went on, and Gibson pursued her own projects, like the Ryan Seacrest-produced E! series The Dance Scene, friction began to trickle into their working relationship. A hint of it came during the filming of Gaga’s “Judas” video, which featured strong religious overtones that made Gibson somewhat uneasy.

“At one point, there was two completely different views and after the third glass of wine, I was like, ‘Listen, I don’t want lightning to strike me. I believe in the Gospel and I’m not going there.'”

They also reportedly disagreed on the concepts for the Gaga promos for “The Edge of Glory” and “You and I,” the latter of which Laurieann co-directed.

Lady Gaga referred to Gibson’s former assistant, Richard Jackson, as “my choreographer” in a Nov. 6 Tweet. The two are currently touring London, where Gaga performed on UK’s The X Factor on Sunday evening.

According to Carlton, LaurieAnn, who was also fired by hip-hop mogul Diddy Combs after her choreography mingled with drama on MTV’s Making the Band, secretly plans to sue Gaga for the ouster.

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