Lady Gaga Explains “Telephone” VIDEO

Lady Gaga’s latest music video — a 10 minute mini-film in support of the charttopper “Telephone” — has already racked up nearly 16 million views on YouTube after its release late Thursday night — but that hasn’t stopped some music lovers from scratching their heads over the Quentin Tarantino-inspired vid’s controversial concept.

What was the vision? After a harrowing set of concerts in New Zealand over the weekend, Gaga called into “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Monday morning to explain just that.

“Telephone,” which stars in a women’s prison and later sees Lady Gaga and Beyonce poisoning customers in a diner and traveling around in” The Pussywagon,” has been one of the most chatted about topics on Twitter and has set off a debate about the video’s risque themes.

Most fans are enthralled with the “Telephone” video, but some critics are getting a bit bored with Gaga’s signature shock tactics. Here are a couple of funny critiques making the rounds on YouTube:

(Caution: VIDEO Contains Profanity…..)

Here’s what the singer had to say: “I really believe in the power of visuals and sometimes visions come to me and I know I have to do them. It doesn’t really matter if it makes sense or if it doesn’t make sense. By the end of the video, it became so much more as we explored each scene it became about transsexual women and it became about making fun of American hallmarks like soda cans and cigarettes and mayonnaise and bread.”

Lady Gaga Explains The Sandwich-Making Scene: “It kind of comes out of nowhere but now that I watch it, in retrospect the way that it works into the video and the commentary on being overfed communication, advertisements and food in this country, it kind of makes sense by the end.”

Gaga On Her Diet Coke Can Hair Rollers: “My mom used to do that when I was a kid, ’cause if we didnt have any rollers in the house she’d slice up some Coke cans and then she’d heat them up and pin them in her hair.”

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