Lady Gaga Detained By Airport Security

Sensible shoes are always a good idea on international flights.

Pop sensation Lady Gaga — who is as well known for her anklebreaking stompers and other outlandish articles of clothing as she is for her charttopping hits — was targeted by airport security while passing through London’s Hearthrow Airport on Friday. Transportation officials were reportedly spooked by Gaga’s odd rubber outfit and heelless stilettos.

The “LoveGame” star, 24, was none too happy though when airport security stopped her on her way through customs and put her through a full body scan, tipsters tattle. Guess those metal studs were never going to make it through the metal detectors! And the shoes… well, there’s plenty of room in those platforms for stashing whatever illegal items take your fancy, we guess.

Gaga was allowed to go ahead and board her flight once officials realized who she was — although the shoes should have been a dead giveaway!

“She wasn’t too happy but everything was fine,” a spywitness yaps to London’s The People.

She’s lucky it wasn’t the fashion police! Maybe pack some Ugg boogs next time, eh Gaga?

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