Lady Gaga Concert in Indonesia Cancelled Amid Security Concerns

Mother Monster Lady Gaga has pulled the plug on an Indonesian concert set for June 3 after coming under fire from Islamic zealots, who promised “chaos” if the singer entered the Muslim nation.

The promoters had been working to hammer out a deal to tone down the show in Jakarta, but Gaga’s management team feared no compromise could appease the religious conservatives. The Gaga camp called off the performance at Bung Karno Stadium to eliminate risks to the “Love Game” songstress, her crew and audience members, The Jakarta Post said Sunday.

“Gaga’s camp did not want this show to cause any harm to anybody,” said attorney Minola Sebayang, who represents local show promoter Big Daddy Entertainment.

Lady Gaga later confirmed the nose in a posting to her Twitter page:

“We had to cancel the concert in Indonesia. I’m so very sorry to the fans & just as devastated as you if not more. You are everything to me.”

Hardnosed Indonesian interest groups have accused Lady Gaga — or “Devil Messenger,” as she is sometimes called — of promoting satanic values. On Friday, a host of them led a public prayer asking God to intervene and cause the show to be cancelled.

“With this prayer, let’s ask God to strengthen the heart of the police so they will not be tempted with money, so they will not allow the concert,” preached Fudloli Mohammad Ruham, a teacher at a Muslim school in the city.

Habib Salim Alatas, chairman of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), said the cancellation was “good news” for Muslims in Indonesia.

“FPI is grateful that she has decided not to come. Indonesians will be protected from sin brought about by this Mother Monster, the destroyer of morals. Lady Gaga fans, stop complaining. Repent and stop worshipping the devil. Do you want your lives taken away by God as infidels?”

Approximately 53,000 tickets had been sold for the Gaga event. Promoters say all ticketholders will be granted refunds at their point of purchase beginning June 10.

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