Lady Gaga Bests Obama In Race To 10 Million Facebook Fans

Can’t outdo her PokerFacebook!

Lady Gaga bested President Barack Obama Friday to become the first living person to score more than 10 million fans on Facebook.

For more than a week, Facebook profiles for the US Commander-in-Chief and the quirky pop phenomenon had been locked in a bitter competition to become the first living person to hit the record-setting 10 million fan mark on the social networking giant.

Only five other Facebook profiles have more fans than Gaga. They are: Michael Jackson, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, Family Guy, Mafia Wars, and Facebook itself. The King of Pop holds the all time record for the most fans at over 14.3 million.

As of Sunday, July 4, Lady Gaga’s fan count was 10,011,919 strong. Muscle-bound actor Vin Diesel moved to second place with 9,726,869 fans. Obama followed a close third with more than 9.5 million fans.

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