La Toya Jackson Reality Show Coming to OWN

You know what they say: Desperate times call for ratings-attracting ploys. Try this one on for size: Oprah Winfrey has tapped La Toya Jackson to star in her own reality show.

Michael Jackson Spent Thousands To Give Bubbles The Chimp A Voice

Between 1984-1990, Bubbles The Chimp became a pop culture star as the frequent companion of music icon Michael Jackson. However, MJ was never content with a chimp who could simply dress himself and do the Moonwalk. The “Thriller” star reportedly forked over thousands trying to get leading throat specialists to implant vocal chords into his…

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La Toya Jackson: “Michael Was Murdered!”

They don’t call her “Detective La Toya” for nothing. On the eve of the first anniversary of his death, Michael Jackson’s big sister La Toya Jackson is standing by her infamous assertion that the “Thriller” star was murdered because he was “worth so much more dead than alive.”

La Toya Jackson “Bruno” Deleted Scene [VIDEO]

La Toya Jackson’s encounter with Austrian fashionisto Bruno was deleted from the motion picture Bruno out of respect for Michael Jackson’s passing, just weeks before the film’s opening last July. Now that four months have passed since the King of Pop’s death, the scene has been revealed as a bonus feature for the film’s DVD…

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Michael Jackson Ghost Visits Family, La Toya Claims

Sounds like someone’s had one too many sips of the Jesus Juice….La Toya Jackson claims the ghost of the late King of Pop has been visiting his family dressed in the white pearl beads he wore in his coffin.

La Toya Jackson Barbara Walters Tell-All Inteview “20/20″ Sept. 11

La Toya Jackson will open up about her late brother Michael, his alleged murder, and the King of Pop’s relationship with the three children he left behind in an interview with ABC’s Barbara Walters next month. The former Playboy centerfold has been outspoken about her belief that her 50-year-old brother was murdered ever since MJ’s…

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