La Toya Jackson Barbara Walters Tell-All Inteview “20/20” Sept. 11

La Toya Jackson will open up about her late brother Michael, his alleged murder, and the King of Pop’s relationship with the three children he left behind in an interview with ABC’s Barbara Walters next month.

The former Playboy centerfold has been outspoken about her belief that her 50-year-old brother was murdered ever since MJ’s death of a suspected overdose at his rented Los Angeles June 25. Now she’s breaking her silence. ABC promises a “no-holds-barred interview will cover topics including La Toya Jackson’s impressions of Michael Jackson’s children and her insight into the Jackson family.”


“I am thankful to the investigators for uncovering the truth to the world, and I look forward to the day that justice will be served to ALL the parties involved in my brother’s homicide.”

La Toya’s interview with Barbara airs on Friday, Sept. 11 on 20/20. La Toya will also fill-in for Elisabeth Hasselbeck as a co-host on the Walters-produced daytime talk show The View on September 16 and 18.

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