Kylie Minogue “Copacabana” Cover Release


Kylie Minogue is set to release a cover of Barry Manilow’s signature disco smash “Copacabana.”

The 40-year-old Aussie songbird has been performing the 70s hit as part of her current world tour. She decided to release the a revamped version of the track as a single amidst pressure from adoring fans who loved the pop star’s take on the classic dance tune.

“Kylie had no plans to release it but after being bombarded by letters from fans she has decided to have it as a double A-side.”

Perhaps getting recording for the cover over on the wrong foot, Kylie has angered songwriter Bruce Sussman by asking for the woman’s name in the song to be changed from Lola to Kylie.

“Kylie wanted the lyric, “Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl” to be changed, but Bruce refused,” a celebrity snitch tells MSNBC.

“Bruce was furious. He told Kylie, ‘No way. Her name’s Lola. Not Lola Minogue, not Kylie.'”


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