Kylie Jenner’s Lips Take Center Stage On ‘Remix’ Magazine Cover

Kylie Jenner's Lips Take Center Stage On 'Remix' Magazine Cover

Reality TV actress Kylie Jenner shows off her plumper looking lips on the cover of Remix magazine. The magazine shows what appears to be the bare-faced 17-year-old for their Beauty & Luxe Edition and she is wearing nude matte lipstick and minimal makeup in order to accentuate her lips.

Last year, Jenner’s lips were the subject of a lot of speculation and gossip. Since she was younger, her lips always appeared thinner and not as plump. Some have speculated that she has gotten lip injections in order to increase the size of her pout.

To combat those rumors, Kylie Jenner has spoken out on social media. She has called rumors of her augmented lips ridiculous and insists that her face has been changing because she is still growing up.

Here’s the full Remix cover photo:

Kylie Jenner's Lips Take Center Stage On 'Remix' Magazine Cover

Recently, Jenner talked to Grazia magazine about her beauty and makeup tips. Watch the full video below:

Jenner revealed that she loves days where she can hang out and pamper herself. She does so by spending two hours in the bathtub or shower. She said, “I love pampering days. I usually take a shower or bath for about two hours and scrub my whole body. I love lotions – whole yogurt lotions are amazing – and masks. And I put coconut oil in my hair.”

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She continued, “I use a lot of scrubs. I like to use lavender ones before bed because it calms me. Taking your makeup off before you go to bed is good and using sunscreen on your hands and face. Khloe always told me to put sunscreen on my hands because you can tell someone’s age from their hands.”

Then perhaps her 25-year-old boyfriend Tyga may want to take a look at her hands and realize that she is still underage before he gets tossed into jail?

TELL US: Would you take beauty and makeup tips from a self-obsessed 17-year-old?

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