Kylie Jenner Is Blonde Now: A Look Back At Her Hair Transformations


On this, the most important of days, Kylie Jenner turns 18. So hopefully now everyone can stop telling her she’s too grown up and shouldn’t be getting lip injections/moving out/having hella cars/dating an older man. It’s not going to happen, but a fan can dream.

Kylie and her sisters veritably blew up Instagram over the weekend in preparation for their littlest one’s passage into adulthood, and one photo in particular stood out to me:Instagram@kyliejenner

The photo of Kylie’s friends includes none other than her father, Caitlyn Jenner, with the adorable caption “MY GIRLS.” Now, I could write an article or two about how amazing and cute it is that Kylie includes her father in a #GalSquad pic and how accepting she is as an adolescent mega-star, but this photo is also awesome for one other reason: Kylie’s impeccable blonde hair.

We know Kylie as the queen (kueen?) of changing up her locks, but this look may take the cake. She told us that she wanted to go platinum even before her older sister Kim tried out the look for this year’s Paris Fashion Week, and it looks like she made her first adult dream come true. She looks fantastic. Let’s take a closer look at this, and all Kylie’s other hair-transformations.

The Iconic Blue Hair

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Kim hated this look when Kylie had it as a bridesmaid in her lavish wedding to Kanye, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t iconic and an instant trend. Kylie cut off all her hair and dyed the ends a springy turquoise, and then launched a hair line around it.

Coachella Wigs


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People were like, “Y Kylie wear caps?” It’s because she wore these wigs to Coachella and wanted to hide the hairline. Kylie went baby pink for the music festival and totally rocked it. She also went bright blue, making each day of Coachella a debut day for a new ‘do.

Ice Gray Cornrows

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Yet another #COACHELLA look, Kylie wore a black and lace body suit and did up her black hair with gray cornrows. It was a bit of a head-scratcher of a look, but if anyone can pull it off, it’s Kyles.

Gray Ombre


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The gray trend was a major thing this year, and Kylie’s ombre did the trend major justice. It was streaks of gray set into her jet-black hair, and made Medusa look cool again.

Baby Blue and Bronze All Over

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Kylie debuted baby blue hair (a wig) and realistic black roots for her Bellami Hair event in the spring of 2015. She then went back to black the next day, cut her blue wig shorter, and trotted it out for round 2. With a bronze glow, she’s never looked better.

Long Black Extensions


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When Kylie had enough of her short hair, she went full-on vamp with these luxuriously black hair extensions. She looked like Kim 2.0 with those in, but the doll-like look was a far cry from her preferred grunge-ish persona. 10/10

Teal Extensions


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Perhaps more iconic than any other Kylie hair look, these teal extensions form the basis of her extensions line with Bellami Hair. Her extensions make it so that the Kylie look is easily duplicated—even if it will cost you a couple hundred dollars.


Kylie went platinum, easily following in the footsteps of her older sister.


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