Kurt Warner Press Conference; Warner Announces Retirement

Kurt Warner is currently holding a press conference to discuss his retirement.

The Arizona Cardinals quarterback has had one of the most unusual careers in NFL history, so unusual I’m sure we’ll get a Kurt Warner movie at some point. The (in my opinion at least) future Hall of Famer didn’t get his shot until the age of 28, first playing in the Arena Football League and spending some time famously stocking grocery shelves before becoming the St. Louis Rams quarterback in 1999. If it weren’t for a Trent Green injury that year who knows if Warner would have ever received a shot. His career had yet another twist in it though, as he was declared washed up after a stint with the New York Giants. The Arizona Cardinals signed him as a stopgap measure to pave the way for high draft pick Matt Leinart, but Leinart suffered injuries and struggled early, giving Warner yet another shot. He rewarded the Cardinals with the franchises first ever trip to the Super Bowl following the 2008 season.

Warner was always a religious player, and talked extensively of his relationship with God today during his press conference. He is just 38 years old, and it’s great to see a guy bow out before becoming completely washed up, and doing it drama free to boot. Brett Favre could take a lesson.

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