Ksenia Sukhinova Photo Gallery

Ksenia Sukhinova: First Miss Russia, Now Miss World 2008

Ksenia Sukhinova has been crowned Miss World 2008 (photos below). The 21 year old model not just beautiful… she is also currently working on her engineering degree in college (beauty meets brains).

Check out these pictures of Sukhinova strutting her stuff.

We’ve gotta say that at PopCrunch, we’re blown away. She’s hot. Real hot.

To see larger photos of Ksenia Sukhinova, click the thumbnail images.

As people here about Ksenia Sukhinova winning Miss World 2008, we’re sure that there will be many mis-spellings like Kseniya Sukhinova or Ksenya Sukhinova. Not an easy name to pronounce. But the pictures and photos are certainly easy to look at;-)

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