Hefner Kicks Shannon Twins To The Curb

Hugh Hefner’s barely-legal, identical playmates Karissa and Kristina Shannon — AKA The Shannon Twins — have been tossed out of the Playboy Mansion, according to PopEater.com. The men’s mag mogul initially asked Karissa and Kristina, 20, to move from the Playboy Mansion to the adjoining Playmate House after his relationship with Crystal Harris grew more…

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Hugh Hefner Shannon Twins Breakup

Hugh Hefner’s barely-legal Buss It Babies are leaving the nest. Shocking, we know. Twins Kristina and Karissa Shannon are moving out of the mansion, the Playboy founder Tweeted Tuesday. “The Shannon Twins are growing up. They’re moving to the Playmate House with my blessing so they will be free to do other things.”

Will Kelly Osbourne Pose For Playboy?

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Kelly Osbourne — in all her naked glory — could one day find herself on the cover of Playboy Magazine, if Hugh Hefner’s twin girlfriends have anything to say about it. INF Events The scantily-clad Karissa and Kristina Shannon are campaigning to get the rock princess to bare all for the iconic men’s mag. The…

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Hugh Hefner Can’t Tell Twin Girlfriends Apart


Hugh Hefner has confessed that he cannot tell his twin girlfriends- Karissa and Kristina Shannon- apart. Speaking at the recent Playmate of the Year party at The Palms in Las Vegas, the 83-year-old Playboy publisher admitted that he still can’t differentiate between the 19-year-old blondes after several months of dating. “I have one little trick,…

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Kristina Shannon Karissa Shannon Arrested (Mugshot Photos)


Kristina, left, Karissa Shannon were arrested for felony aggravated assault in January 2008. Those bunnies better watch their step, the latest additions to the Playboy Mansion are a pair of bottle-wielding bad-asses.

Karissa and Kristina Shannon Picture Gallery


Karissa and Kristina Shannon became overnight sensations when Hugh Hefner chose them as his next set of girlfriends, replacing Holly Madison. PopCrunch has put together a collection of Kristina and Karissa Shannon pictures so you can get to know them a little better before Hefner ruins them with his 80 year old body.