Kristen Stewart Wishes She Was Marrying Robert Pattinson


Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs have just recently gotten engaged, but apparently his ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart is still pining for him. Stewart and Pattinson dated for roughly four years during the filming of the Twilight franchise.

Stewart and Pattinson were broken apart following the publishing of photos of herself engaged in various acts with her Snow White And The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. When the pictures went public, she issued a public apology. Unfortunately for her and many of the couple’s fans, he called time on their romance.

Since, he has publicly been seen with his new girlfriend FKA Twigs and they are inseparable. Rumors had circulated that they were already planning on getting married, but T-Pain let it slip in a new interview with Vulture that they were engaged. He tried to play the news off like it was an April Fool’s joke, but the engagement news had been confirmed.

Now, it appears that Kristen Stewart is still holding onto feelings for Robert Pattinson. She reportedly wishes that it was her that was gearing up to walk down the aisle with her former Twilight co-star. Stewart was devastated when she learned the news of Pattinson’s engagement to FKA Twigs and was in shock. A source said, “She doesn’t want to believe it’s true and was seriously hoping that this was just some sort of April Fool’s joke.”

A source close to the situation told Hollywood Life, “She knows, deep down, that it should’ve been her that was getting married to Robert. The fact she strayed from their relationship constantly haunts her, and his engagement to FKA Twigs has highlighted the mistake she made. It’s a classic case of what could’ve been – but Kristen has tried not to dwell on it. She has moved on and doesn’t wish ill of Robert. She hopes he’s happy.”

TELL US: Do you think Kristen Stewart regrets messing things up with Robert Pattinson?

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