Kristen Stewart Jealous Of Robert Pattinson Megan Fox Friendship

Twilight actress Kristen Stewart is accused of baring her fangs at allegedly secret lover Robert Pattinson after the handsome Brit went onstage with international sex symbol to accept their “Choice Hotties” surfboards at this month’s Teen Choice Awards.


“You’re into Megan Fox!” a seething Kristen hissed, a Pattinson pal reveals in this week’s edition of The National Enquirer. “Rob couldn’t believe it at first. Kristen plays hard-to-get with him, then gets jealous over Megan? And she really ripped into him, saying, ‘I saw how you put your arm around her waist…I saw the way you touched her!’ Rob thought it was ridiculous. He told her: ‘Oh, for Pete’s sake! She’s just a friend. We were onstage together…that’s it!’

Kristen has refused to lightening up — grilling Robert mercilessly about his relationship with Megan, The Enquirer snitch claims.

“Rob’s getting tired of the constant drama with Kristen. She keeps going back to her boyfriend, but then comes back to Robert – over and over again. She pushes him away, then has the nerve to complain about other women. It’s ludicrous. The girl needs to grow up!”

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