Kris Humphries and Ray J Share an Uneasy In-Flight Moment

There’s generic awkward, and then there’s “sitting one seat away from the guy who once made a sex tape with your new wife” awkward.

Page Six is reporting the new Mr. Kim Kardashian — otherwise known as Kris Humphries — found himself on a plane, sitting right across the aisle from Kim’s sex tape partner, Ray J.

The encounter is described thusly:

Humphries sat there for a few minutes before moving to a seat in front of Ray J.

After minutes of “awkward silence,” Ray J walked up to Humphries’ seat to congratulate him, but Kris acted like he didn’t recognize him. According to a source, “Ray J said, ‘Come on, you know who I am. I just want to say congratulations.’ Then Kris, realizing he was cornered, said, ‘Oh yeah, yeah, I’m sorry I know who you are.’ “

“Oh that’s right,” Humphries didn’t say, “you’re the guy who left his DNA all over my wife, recorded the whole thing, and then sold it, thus making her fabulously rich and famous for completely inexplicable reasons. Holla!”

Then they fist-bumped and got down to the serious business of comparing notes about Kim’s favorite positions and commiserated about all the crap she piles on her face because looking like one of those Barbie make-up heads that’s been passed around at a little girl’s slumber party is a special passion of hers.

And when the plane landed, they declared themselves besties and Kris asked Ray for tips on how he too can sell out Kim because he signed a pretty iron-clad pre-nup and an NBA player’s career only lasts so long.

Or, you know, something.

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