Kobe Bryant Defends Lebron James After Twitter Criticism


Kobe Bryant is obviously one of the greatest players to ever play basketball, but recent events have proved that he is not against defending fellow superstars as well. He has not played much lately, but he is making headlines, and recently defended Lebron from criticism.

The longtime member of the Los Angeles Lakers has faced his fair share of criticism as well, but many people recognize that his mulitple championship rings and the fact that he was always the best on the team tend to set him apart from some others.

Kobe Bryant recently came to the defense of fellow All-Star and NBA great, Lebron James, who somehow was able to be criticized by a fan online. It seems that people will take to the internet to complain about anyone for pretty much every reason imaginable at this point.

Sure, you can envy Lebron’s skills and not like how he wins so much, but is it even possible to find flaws in his game anymore? Somehow, one fan did and decided to point out that he has yet to win a championship without 2 other superstars.

Of course, Kobe jumped to the aid of his friend immediately, since who else knows what it is like to be the best player in the league other than him? Prior to the fan’s attack on Lebron, Kobe had already tweeted about how other great players throughout history including Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Shaq were criticized for various reasons before they earned their championship rings.

In addition to his defense of Lebron, Kobe recently offered his defense of Russell Westbrook as well. Most people would think that both players are safe from criticism, but despite having an outstanding game, one fan decided to call out Westbrook for the amount of shots that he missed. Really? As long as someone scores tons of points, since when does it matter how many of their shots didn’t go in?

Kobe Bryant shouldn’t be criticized again after the career that he has had, but if this past week shows fans anything, it is that we should not mess with Kobe. You probably shouldn’t criticize any of his friends or other NBA stars either, since he seems to have everyone’s back.

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