Klay Thompson Returns To Practice Following Concussion Against The Rockets

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

Klay Thompson has returned to the team’s practice, although that doesn’t confirm anything about his condition yet. He is a tough player and clearly does not want to miss any of his first chance at playing in the NBA finals.

The All-Star guard for the Golden State Warriors went down during an ugly play in game 5 against the Houston Rockets, although luckily they were still able to win the game.

Thompson had a major collision with Trevor Ariza that had fans witnessing Ariza’s knee go right into Thompson’s head and he was diagnosed with a concussion days later. He attempted a return to the game, but he was bleeding as he tried to go back in and was forced to get stitches in the locker room as his team finished off the Rockets in game 5.

Klay Thompson makes up arguably the best backcourt in the NBA along with recent MVP-winner Stephen Curry and when the two of them play at their best, it is virtually impossible to stop the Warriors.

With his concussion diagnosis, he is currently listed as out for game 1, but depending on his evaluation on Tuesday morning, there is a chance that he could still play the full series.

The fact that he was able to practice on Monday is a great sign for him and Warriors fans, but nothing is for sure until Tuesday. It would certainly help to have him, but luckily the Warriros have an excellent bench as well, and if there is any team that can play without a star player, it is the Warriors.

According to the NBA’s concussion protocol, he┬ámust be checked out and found to be suffering from no after-effects following his first practice before he can be cleared to play against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the opening game of the NBA finals.

Klay Thompson has been a great presence in the backcourt for the Golden State Warriors all season long and would be fortunate to have him for game 1. The NBA finals begin on Thursday night at 9 p.m. ET and the first game will be played in Oracle Arena in Oakland.

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