Kimberly Wyatt Leaving Pussycat Dolls

To the surprise of absolutely no one, singer Kimberly Wyatt is leaving The Pussycat Dolls.

After months of speculation of feuding with frontwoman Nicole Scherzinger, Kimberly says she’s severing ties with the burlesque troupe of singing strippers.

The band’s founder Robin Antin dismissed reports the girl group had split following Jessica Sutta’s departure last November. The Grammy-nominated group announced they were taking a break from performing together shortly after. Wyatt then subsequently went public with her displeasure with Scherzinger’s preferential treatment within the band.

“She (Scherzinger) was one of the last to join. But we’d have to share a dressing room while Nicole would have her own. We’d be on the tour bus together but she wouldn’t come on and would get her own transport,” Wyatt complained at the time.

She has now revealed that she’s decided to quit the band because of the “variables off-stage,” and will not be a Doll when the band reforms later this year.

“I’ve left the group,” the “Don’t Cha” singer revealed to Loaded Magazine last week. “I am so thankful for everything the Pussycat Dolls [have] brought into my life. But I have to say there were just too many variables that I couldn’t agree with and I had to follow my heart. So I decided to kind of push on with my own life.”

Kimberly added, “I wish that it was different because I love what we do on stage. I love being a Doll, but as far as the variables off-stage are concerned – I just couldn’t do it anymore.”

The Dolls are expected to return in 2010 with a brand new lineup and a new album.

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