Kim Kardashian’s Plastic Surgery: Reality Star Reportedly Got Injections And Fillers


Kim Kardashian’s plastic surgery has been the stuff of rumors since she emerged onto the scene as one of Paris Hilton’s hangers-on. Back in the day, the reality star had a darker complexion, more distinct Armenian features and less defined eyes, lips and a chin. Now, rumors are floating around that she has had quite the amount of work done to appear her dewy, fuller-faced self.

Kardashian appears on the cover of the latest issue of Us Weekly and the magazine claims that she has gone under the knife more than her admitted Botox injections. Say it isn’t so, Captain Obvious!

The tabloid weekly claims to have the secrets behind Kim Kardashian’s plastic surgery and pretend to blow the lid off of news that we have always known. Of course she has gone under the knife – she looked like Jafar in 2006 and now she basically looks human. Her mother Kris Jenner has been known for telling her daughters how much they need to have some work done. Jenner told Khloe Kardashian that she needed a nose job when she was nine-years-old, so naturally she got to Kim Kardashian before she catapulted herself to insane fame and wealth with the aid of a sex tape.

Check out the cover of Us Weekly below:

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The Jenners and Kardashians will try to feed the public full of lies about how they have discovered new ways of applying makeup in order to achieve the looks that they’ve cultivated. It’s all nothing but a pack of lies that they have packaged up in pretty little boxes and have sold (like their souls) to the E! network for the highest possible dollar amount. According to the latest reports, that dollar amount happened to be close to $100 million for the span of four years time.

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