Kim Kardashian Workout DVD “Fit In Your Jeans By Friday”


Kim Kardashian is getting fans one step closer to having an ass as infamous as her own with the creation of a new series of workout DVDs called Fit In Your Jeans By Friday.

The E! reality star is going to show you how to work your laffy taffy into a bubbly badonkadonk when the fitness collection arrives in stores later this year.

In an entry posted on her Official Blog Wednesday, the exotic beauty described the series as “fashion-forward fitness” that you’ll have to see to believe

“The first day was my ultra glam day!” she wrote of her first day of shooting. “The shoot is very stylized and fashion forward. I didn’t want to wear typical workout clothes.”

No word on when the DVDs will be released.

Would you purchase a fitness DVD featuring Kim K?

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