Kim Kardashian Suffers From Wardrobe Malfunction At The Grammys

Television personality Kim Kardashian arrives at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles by © Danny Moloshok / Reuters.

Well, well, if it is not for Kim Kardashian, then who should it be? Well, once again Mrs. West has made the headlines but not for her husband’s musical note, but once again for her sexuality, or should we say poorly chosen clothes?

Yes, even at the Grammys Kim Kardashian was worried about her dress and had the wardrobe malfunction! Sadly for her, she complained that she has spent majority of her time keeping the dress in place and safety – pinning.

Now, now Kim, we have some question! You are mother of a child and a matured adult! And you can’t hold the dress on that sweet and sexy bod of yours? And you need us to believe that?

The gown was designed by Jean Paul, and was supposed to be one of the best attractions for Grammys, if and only if Kim could hold it up! And thus, she commented “When I sat it ripped and we were sewing and safety-pinning”. Now guys, have you ever seen a woman’s dress coming off just because she sat? Guess not!

Nevertheless, the dress was too heavy for Kim Kardashian as she commented that the dress weighed ‘100 pounds’ together. And that’s why the clasps which were there to keep her modesty in place were not doing her job and she was in a mess.


She even went on to say that the dress was picked up by her hubby as a process of endearment. She said: “He saw this online at a couture show and sent me the picture and said, “Babe do you like this dress?”‘

“He called the designer, gets it and it’s sitting my dressing room. I’m the luckiest woman alive.”

But Kim, we would have thought you as the luckiest person if you could just keep the dress in place! Alas, that was not going to happen.

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