Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Best ASSet On The Cover Of Paper Magazine

There is no way we can avoid the big story of today, about the picture that is suppose to “break the Internet.” Let’s have a little discussion about Kim Kardashian’s butt shall we.

Paper magazine released their cover photos of Kim Kardashian and one of them has got the Internet all hot and bothered. It seems that they know how to kick off the holiday season right as they release these bootylious photos of Kim, taken by legendary French photographer Jean-Paul Gaoude. The man definitely knows how to get people

For this photo he had Kim wear nothing about oil, long silk gloves, a pearl necklace, and a crazy up-do bun, as she’s slipping out of her black sequenced evening gown. Ta-da, MAGIC.

Along with this risqué cover reads, “Break The Internet Kim Kardashian”,– very wishful thinking. What social media read was “who can make the funniest meme about Kim Kardashian’s arse.” So here you go. Some of the funniest meme’s of KK’s booty.

kim-kardashian-paper-magazine-3 kim-kardashian-meme-5 kim-kardashian-meme-4 kim-kardashian-meme-2 kim-kardashian-memekim-kardashian-meme-6kim-kardashian-meme-7kim-kardashian-meme-8kim-kardashian-meme-9kim-kardashian-meme-10


And because Paper magazine knew that this picture of Kim would drive people crazy, there is a second cover photo of Kim actually wearing the sequenced gown and recreating  Jean-Paul Goude’s famous “Champagne Incident” portrait.


“And they say I don’t have talent…try balancing a champagne glass on your ass. LOL. #BreakTheInternet,” tweeted Kim.

Tell us what you think of these Kim Kardashian photos.


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