Kim Kardashian Is The Most Annoying Celebrity On The Planet!

Kim Kardashian is the world’s “Most Annoying Celebrity…” And in other breaking news, roses are red and the sky is blue.

One of the most Googleable asses on the Interwebs is also the most annoying.

Funny how that works.

Kim Kardashian has been voted the “Most Annoying Celeb on the Planet” in a new pop culture poll. Fair call?

(That isn’t a trick question…)

The Calabasas socialite, famous for being — well — for being famous, edged out Charlie Sheen, Jersey Shore’s Snooki, and the entire lineup of Real Housewives to snag 29% of the vote in Parade Magazine’s annual “Pop Cultural Survey.”

Impressive…depending on who you ask.

As The Washington Post puts it: “In a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll, Kardashian landed at No. 7 on a most unpopular celebrities list, far behind the top vote-getter, Paris Hilton. This suggests that: a) being famous and annoying and being famous and unpopular are slightly different things, or b) Kardashian’s approval rating has plummeted since her wedding to Kris Humphries.”

Well, if it’s any consulation, when it comes to annoying celebrities, Lindsay Lohan still gets our vote!

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