Kim Kardashian Is Shielding North West From Realty TV Stardom

North West Reality TV Star - No Way Says Mom

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian doesn’t want her first born daughter North West, to go down the same reality TV path that made her famous and incredibly wealthy. Kim recently said she wouldn’t mind if her daughter decided to do a nude photo shoot when she was older, but the reality TV spotlight will be avoided, at least for the time being.

Kim Kardashian and her reality TV family recently signed a new four-year, $100 million deal with E!, but that deal keeps North West out of the spotlight.

According to EarSucker, a source revealed, “It was a no-go from the very beginning because Kim and Kanye made it clear North wasn’t going to be up for discussion. They want North to have some privacy and be able to be a child away from the cameras.”

While North West may have some short appearances on Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kanye West and his wife decided against taking more money in order to turn North West into a reality TV star. The snoop explains, “There will be times when North will be included in a group setting, where it’s impossible to edit her out. She won’t be on the show on even a semi-regular basis. E! offered big money to have North included, but her parents turned it down.”

At least one family member is making out like a bandit, it is reported that Kris Jenner will receive a big pay raise for her participation.

Be on the lookout for North West on the show and join in PopCrunch’s ‘Where’s North West drinking game.”

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