Kim Kardashian Bikini Photo (14-Years-Old) Bolsters Plastic Surgery Denial

Kim Kardashian made one last attempt to put plastic surgery rumors to rest once and for all by posting a photo of her 14-year-old self in a bikini on her personal blog on Monday. Kim released the old family flick in hopes of proving that her infamous figure has not been surgically enhanced.

Kim became angry when a fan on the site, using the name “Curious Cat,” posted a message asking which cosmetic surgeries she has had done.

“I am assuming breast implants and lip injections,” the fan probbed.

“I have decided to post this picture to finally put all of the plastic surgery rumors to rest!” the reality personality wrote. “I hope after seeing this you guys will never ask me a plastic surgery question again! I have had a size C since I was 11 years old!”

Kim did admit she’s not completely against the idea of plastic surgery.

“I am definitely not against it at all, but haven’t yet had it!,” Kim continued. “Personally, lip injections are the thing I would never do — even if I didn’t have full lips. I think lip injections look very fake and bad and I wouldn’t want to kiss anyone with stuff in their lips—so I wouldn’t do it to myself.”

“One day I will definitely get a lift, but I am waiting until after I have kids,” she admitted. “Until then I rely on a great supportive bra! LOL!”

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