Kim Kardashian And Her Sisters Were The Last To Know About Bruce Jenner’s Transition

If you read that headline and thought “Why would anyone keep Kim Kardashian and her wonderful sisters in the dark about their important life decisions?” then please kill yourself now. Seriously. I’ll wait.

Bruce Jenner’s recent decision to transform himself into a woman has caused a lot of controversy. His family has accepted him and have rallied behind him. He and Kris Jenner both filed for divorce and after the news that he was dating Kris Jenner’s best friend came out, the news of his womanly transformation followed shortly thereafter.

He informed his family members, but apparently his stepdaughters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian were the last ones to hear the news. It widens the gap that was already in place between the Kardashian and Jenner families. The women of the family, sans Kris natch, all took a picture with a smiling Bruce Jenner in a show of solidarity for the huge life change he is going through.

All the Kardashian sisters have learned from their mother is to profit, profit, profit from anything and everything even remotely controversial in their lives. It’s so bad that I think Kris Jenner is behind all of the rumors surrounding poor Bruce. I think he pitched an idea for a reality show around the same time that Kris Jenner denied rumors that he was always wearing women’s clothing around the house. I think something clicked in her head and was like, ‘Wait, let’s encourage this, but not comment directly on it’ and see where it goes. She certainly would sell Bruce down the river for the almighty dollar, so I wouldn’t put it past her to create some fiction surrounding the reason that they are now divorced from one another. That way no one thinks it’s her fault and she gets to play the victim. BOOM.

TELL US: Do you think this whole Bruce Jenner transition story is real?

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