Kids’ Classics “Power Rangers” and “The Flintstones” Getting Modern-Day Facelifts

Hollywood is digging in the vault and blowing dust off two franchises that entertained a generation of children, who now have children of their own. America’s favorite modern Stone Age family, The Flintstones, and The Mighty Modern Power RangersThe Hunger Games of the 1990s — are being rebooted for the small screen, according to announcements made this week.

Lionsgate, which has seen box office success with the Twilight franchise and the recent hit Divergent, announced via Twitter Wednesday that it’s working on a film adaptation of the Power Rangers TV series, which first debuted in 1993. Haim Saban’s Power Rangers quickly became the most watched children’s show of its era and has been in continuous production ever since.

Not that we’d know anything about it, but we hear a typical episode told the story of five teenagers in tight, colorful jumpsuits (complete with matching helmets) recruited by Zordon to battle Rita Repulsa, an evil witch from the moon.

Film fans who get giddy over nostalgia have Will Ferrell and his writing partner Adam McKay to thank (or choke) for the return of Fred, Wilma and the rest of the gang from Bedrock. The Anchornman duo have signed on to write and produce a new live-action flick for Warner Bros.

The Flintstones made its small screen debut in 1960, but didn’t premiere on the silver screen until 1994 — with John Goodman and Rick Moranis tackling the roles of Fred and Barney, respectively. Game of Thrones’ Mark Addy and Stephen Baldwin played the cavemen buds in the 2000 sequel Viva Rock Vegas.

Ferrell hasn’t revealed whether he’ll play an onscreen role in the movie.

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