Kevin Hart On Working With Will Ferrell: His D*ck Is Out All The Time [Watch]

Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell surely had plenty of laughs while working together as two of the best comedy actors in the business. Both of them were guests on The Daily Show recently, and while Ferrell’s interview was outlandish as usual, Stewart played previous footage of Hart discussing his co-star to spice it up a bit.

Will Ferrell’s appearance last night took absolutely no time to address the film Get Hard until Jon Stewart finally turned the conversation around and mentioned Kevin Hart.

Stewart proceeded to play the clip of Hart saying how bad of a person Ferrell is, and while he looked as confused as you could possibly imagine while it is playing, he says “all of that happened” as soon as his co-star’s clip finished.

In response to Kevin Hart’s “his d*ck is out all the time” comment, Ferrell even says “well yeah, it is, but the funny thing is, nobody seems to notice.” The Get Hard star also took his time on the show to jokingly insult Jon Stewart, mentioning his departure from the show and that he was never any good anyway.

Whether Ferrell is as outrageous on set as Kevin Hart made him out to be, fans may never know, but it sure made for some good comedy, and his reaction was priceless.

Will Ferrell has certainly been making his rounds lately, and in addition to his interview with Jon Stewart, he showed up for one of the most hilarious clips that you will find when he was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night.

Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell’s new film Get Hard opens on March 27th, and is sure to draw in plenty of comedy fans, and may be a big hit at the box office.

Tell US: What do you think of Kevin Hart’s comments? Could Will Ferrell really be that wild on set?

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