Kevin Federline Lynne Spears Affair? Britney Accuses Kevin Of Having Sex With Mom


Star Mag tattles have thrown a new twist on why pool college boy banger Britney Spears has cut ties with her estranged mom Lynne. The celebrity rag claims Kevin Federline is having an affair with his former mother-in-law.

“In a fit of rage, Britney accused her mom of sleeping with Kevin!” a friend tells Star. “Britney doesn’t know up from down right now. She’s so confused and angry, she told Lynne that she was so backstabbing, that she was probably sleeping with Kevin just to hurt her feelings. Lynne, on the other hand, is deeply hurt that her own daughter would so viciously accuse her of doing something so terrible.”

“She can’t seem to cope with anything,” the insider reveals. “She cries and says she feels like everyone is against her. I think she’s extremely paranoid. She buys puppies, because they fulfill some desperate need insider her, but the thrill is short-lived, so she goes back and gets another one.”

“She goes out drinking and clubbing because it anesthetizes her and dulls the pain of fighting with her mom and divorcing Kevin. She can’t see it, but the partying is making it worse. Even though Britney’s friends and family aren’t getting along with her right now, they’re really concerned. One day she’s laughing and bouncing with energy and the next day she’s in despair and in tears.”

“Her apparent paranoia about her mother and Kevin seems to be a product of her current mental state,” the insider says. “All that Lynne and Kevin hope for right now is that Britney will start seeing a therapist to get to the root of her issues, instead of wildly blaming others for her insecurities.”


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