Kevin Federline Broadway “Legally Blonde:” Kevin Federline “Legally Blonde” Broadway

Kevin Federline is in talks to join the cast of the smash Broadway musical Legally Blonde.

If everything goes according to plan, K-Fed could be putting on her dancing shoes for a debut on Broadway as soon as September, tattling tabloid sources reveal.

“He’s so excited!” a Federline mole spills to US Magazine. “This is his chance to show the world what he can do.”

Kev’s could be up for a number of roles in the Tony-nominated production of Blonde,including the sexy UPS guy wooed by the infamous “bend and snap.”

So what will happen to Spears/Federline Battle for Child Custody if Kevin moves to the Big Apple?

“This is his dream and he wants to bring the kids,” says the insider. “Jamie and Lynne [Spears] promised to help him make it work.”

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