Kendra Wilkinson Tried To Sell Her Own Sex Tape

“Devastated” former Playboy Playmate Kendra Wilkinson is desperately trying to prevent the release of a sex tape she filmed when she was just 19, but it turns out the married mom was trying to peddle the footage herself as recently as last year.

Vivid Entertainment — the porn purveyors behind infamous skin flicks from Paris Hilton, Jessica Sierra, and Kim Kardashian — have threatened to release tawdry footage of Wilkinson getting her moan on in Kendra Exposed later this month, but Kendra’s attorneys say they’ll fight tooth and nail to prevent the film’s release.

Yeah…that might be understandable if Kendra weren’t trying to unload the tape shortly before her marriage to Hank Baskett. RadarOnline claims to be in possession of documents which prove the reality star and former Hefner hottie tried to secretly leak her own sex tape to the highest bidder.

Presumably she gave up on the scheme once she fell in love with Baskett, but she obviously didn’t have the good sense that God gave a bullygoat to destroy all copies of the footage!

So what can Kendra fans expect to see if and when Kendra Exposed hits the X-rated aisles of your favorite adult store?

“It’s hot, definitely hot,” an OK! Magazine tattle close to Wilkinson blabs. “This tape is sexually explicit. It’s hot and she’s hot. It’s going to be a massive seller.”

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