Kendra Wilkinson Senate Run?

Is Washington ready for a former Playboy Bunny? Rocker John Mellencamp isn’t just one celeb possibly his hat into the ring for Evan Bayh’s Indiana Senate seat.

There’s a grassroots movement building that’s urging former “Girls Next Door” Kendra Wilkinson to run to replace Bayh, who announced this week that he will not seek reelection in the 2010 midterm elections, The Examiner said on Friday.

Kendra resides in Indiana with her husband, Indianapolis Colts star Hank Baskett. Various Indianapolis radio stations are polling locals about who they’d like to see replace Bayh. Surprisingly, dozens of listeners have called in to nominate the reality star.

While she’s got the residency part down, Kendra’s not eligible to run for public office just yet. At 24, the new mom still has six years to go before she meets the age requirement to serve as a US Senator.

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