Kendra Wilkinson Is Vivid Entertainment’s New Best-Selling Celebrity Sex Star

Move over, Kim. Take a backseat, Paris. Kendra Wilkinson is gold at the XXX-rated box office. Word is the former “Girl Next Door’s” saucy sex tape is already the fast-selling in the history of porn distributor Vivid. According to, the pre-sale orders for Kendra’s sex tape are the biggest the company’s ever seen.

FYI — Vivid has a long history of exposing celebrities who masquerade as aspiring porn stars. The studio infamously unleashed sex tapes starring Shauna Sand, Jessica Sierra, Kim Kardashian, and Paris Hilton.

The Playboy model has brokered a deal which will see her take home the cut from any sales of the DVD. Wilkinson is set to receive up to 50% of the profits generated from the sale of the sex tape.

Kendra’s co-star in the X-rated feature is her ex-boyfriend, mixed martial arts fighter Justin Frye, who was paid $100,000 by Vivid for the footage.

Kendra Exposed debuts next month.

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