Kelly Osbourne Engaged to Matthew Mosshart

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Kelly Osbourne’s getting hitched. The star of E!’s Fashion Police is ready to wed vegan chef Matthew Mosshart — and she even revealed a few engagement details to U.K. publication HELLO! magazine. Albeit a bit late: Mosshart proposed to Kelly, 28, during a vacation to the Caribbean island of Anguilla on New Year’s Eve!

Report: Kelly Osbourne May Have Epilepsy

Sharp-tongued TV personality Kelly Osbourne remains in a Los Angeles hospital, where doctors are puzzled over why the 28-year-old suffered a seizure on the set of her E! series last week.

Kelly Osbourne confirms engagement


Fashion Police host, Kelly Osbourne, has confirmed that she is engaged. The daughter of Sharon Osbourne and Rocker Ozzy Osbourne is now planning her wedding to Matthew Mosshart. The couple became engaged around Christmas, keeping the news to themselves and close family and friends before confirming the news for the masses.

Kelly Osbourne shows off her bikini body for ‘Body Magazine’

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Fashion Police star, Kelly Osbourne, is showing off her fabulous body on the upcoming cover of Body Magazine. Kelly, who looks awesome in her bikini, says that while she has struggled with her weight in the past, she is now happier than ever. “People think I lost weight and that’s what made me happier. That’s…

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Miley Cyrus: ‘I’m Smoking Way Too Much Effin’ Weed!’

Miley Cyrus Stoner Comment

A year older and none the wiser. Miley Cyrus has learned (Drumroll, please) absolutely nothing from “The Great Salvia Scandal of 2010.” Case and point: The former Hannah Montana starlet is burning up the blogosphere this holiday weekend after walking head first into another scandal involving an illegal substance; this time marijuana.

Does Kelly Osbourne Want Weight Loss Surgery?

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Hot on the Web Right Now: Kelly Osbourne is hoping a revolutionary weight loss surgery will help her maintain her newfound petiteness, according to reports from across the pond.

Kelly Osbourne Owes $30K In Back Taxes To State Of California

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Kelly Osbourne lost more than 30 pounds after hoofing it on Dancing With The Stars two years ago — but the British-born rock celebuspawn is having a much tougher time getting rid of her financial obligations to Uncle Sam and the State of California.

Kelly Osbourne Wants Baby With Gay Bestie

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It’s no secret: Kelly Osbourne doesn’t have the best track record with men, at least the ones who are in to vag. It was only a few months ago that the rock princess dumped her cheatin’ fiance – but it turns out she doesn’t necessarily need a lover in order to be a mother. Somewhere…

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Kelly Osbourne Material Girl By Madonna & Lourdes Ads Debut

Kelly Osbourne Material Girl Ads

Introducing the new face of Material Girl: Kelly Osbourne. On Wednesday, the slimmed-down punk rock princess made her inaugural appearance in the Spring 2011 marketing campaign for the brand, which features designs by music legend Madonna and her teen daughter Lourdes Leon. Osbourne replaces gothic Gossip Girl actress Taylor Momsen, who appeared in the first…

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Kelly Osbourne Befriends Ex-Boyfriend’s Transsexual Mistress


Image Source…. Chicks Before Dicks! (Even when one of said “chicks” happens to have one…) Kelly Osbourne has found a new friend in the transgender model that bisexual ex-beau Luke Worrall reportedly cheated on her with throughout much of their nearly two-year relationship.

Kelly Osbourne Madonna Material Girl Spokesmodel

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We hear Kelly Osbourne is set to replace wildchild Taylor Momsen as the new face of Material Girl, the clothing line that Pop Queen Madonna launched with her 14-year-old daughter Lourdes last summer.

Luke Worrall Cheated On Kelly Osbourne With Transsexual

It’s kinda hard to compete when your man’s Other “Woman” has a penis and a killer collection of pumps. Rock ‘n roll celebuspawn Kelly Osbourne called off her engagement to playboy Luke Worrall last summer amid rumors of an affair. What she didn’t know at the time was that he was having an affair with…

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Sharon Osbourne: “Luke Was Never Good Enough For Kelly!”

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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, particularly if she’s the spawn of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne. Still upset at the way her crossdressing ex-fiance Luke Worrall treated her, Kelly Osbourne let her rip with one helluva of a Twitterologue accusing him of cheating with women…and men! While the couple have been kaput since…

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