Kelly Osbourne Wasn’t Happy On ‘Fashion Police’


Kelly Osbourne jumped ship from Fashion Police following Joan Rivers’ untimely death and after Giuliana Rancic made comments about Zendaya Coleman’s hair at a recent event. We were unsure about the future of the show when Rivers passed away, but it went on without her. After Rancic made inappropriate comments about Coleman’s hair smelling like patchouli due to her dreadlocks, Osbourne abruptly quit.

Now it has been revealed that Kelly Osbourne hasn’t been happy with the E! show following her friend Joan Rivers’ death. A source revealed, “After Joan died, Kelly gave [the show] a shot. Kelly thought the show was going to be revamped, but it was basically the same except they hired new people and there was a new set. It has gotten a little better, but it’s not what she wanted.”

Another insider revealed, “There was very little direction. It was almost a trial by fire. People thought bringing Kathy in wouldn’t be as big a deal, but she did things differently. With Joan it was a well-oiled machine. People were miserable before this [Zendaya incident] even happened.”

Since her exit from the show, there has been a rumor floating around the internet that Kelly Osbourne would be replaced by Khloe Kardashian. A source close to the situation said, “Kelly is fuming over this. She’d never admit it if she were forced to quit, but the buzz surrounding Khloe coming on board makes her wonder if E! was just waiting for a reason to push her out.”

Now that Kelly Osbourne has quit Fashion Police, who do you think would be a good fit to take her place on the show? Khloe Kardashian hosted The X Factor, but received not-so-great reviews in that capacity. Do you think she deserves a second chance on TV to show us if she’s learned anything since? Have your say in the comments section below.

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