Kelly Clarkson Near Nervous Breakdown

Celebrity snitch Daniel Perel is dishing that Kelly Clarkson, who recently admitted to having suffered from bulimia as a teenager, is having an emotional meltdown as she watches her personal life and music career fall to her feet.

Kelly canceled her summer tour following lackluster ticket sales and even fired her manager over the last few weeks.

“Everything in Kelly’s life seems to have skidded out of control all at once, and she’s having a serious meltdown!” according to a mole. “Kelly’s become a very sad person.” “Clearly her problem is low self-esteem. She cries all the time and complains that no man will love her looking like she does, then she eats to comfort herself.”

A music source claims the ‘American Idol’ hasn’t been the same since snagging a Grammy Award:

“She saw everything she worked so hard for come true, then it was like, ‘Welcome to the cold reality of show business.”

“Everyone wanted a piece of her after that, and she became Kelly The Corporation.” “In some ways success has turned out to be the worst thing that’s ever happened to Kelly.”

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