Keith Richards Louis Vuitton Ad Campaign: Keith Richards Louis Vuitton Core Values Campaign

Rolling Stones rocker Keith Richards is the latest celebrity to front the Louis Vuitton ad campaign. The guitar-playing rock legend joins LV’s “Core Values” campaign, which launched last Fall and is designed to pay homage to the fashionhouse’s “travel heritage and classic monogram leather goods.”

“We thought it was important to continue with someone unexpected,” Antoine Arnault, Louis Vuitton’s Head of Communications says. “I think when people are flipping through a magazine, this will stop them.”

“The good thing about Keith is, he’s big just about everywhere. He speaks to the 20-year-old who’s into rock ‘n’ roll and the 65-year-olds who went to [a Rolling Stones] concert when they were 20,” Antonie concluded.

Keith Richards’ Louis Vuitton ad campaign will debut in a series of general-interest titles in April.

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