Ke$ha Naked!? Ke$ha Nude Photo Leaked?

Is this Ke$ha in the buff?

Singing star Ke$ha has found herself at the center of a sex snap scandal after an alleged image of the pop tart topless and covered in seminal fluid was leaked to the Interwebs on Wednesday.

(Slightly NSFW After The Jump…)

“PHOTOS OF KE$HA HAVING SEX HAVE LEAKED ONLINE!!” screamed a headline that surfaced last March.

According to the site, images of “what appears to be singer Ke$ha engaging in sexual intercourse and other fun stuff with an unknown man” appeared online last spring, temporarily causing a stir on the web. Although at the time, reps for the “Tik Tok” hitmaker shot down rumors that Ke$ha had ever disrobed for any nude snaps, rumors of photographic evidence of a roll in the hay with an ex have come back to haunt Rihanna’s future tour mate. The blogosphere is atwitter this Wednesday over the emergence of a suggestive photo, which purportedly features the grungy goddess topless and sprayed with semen.

After scrutinizing the photo over and over, all we can decipher is that the person in the photo looks like fat, fourteen year old skater kid with melted ice cream on his gut! Hey, without the glittery makeup, face paint, and distracting feathers hanging from her hair, we can’t be expected to offer an accurate analysis.

So we’ll leave it to you. Real of Photoshopped: You be the judge.

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